Join us Thursday December 3rd at 10:00am for Dr. Blair Paulik (Research Scientist at Integral Consulting Inc.).

Dr. Blair Paulik is a Project Scientist at Integral Consulting, an environmental consulting company with offices around the country and projects around the world. At Integral she helps public and private clients solve complex environmental challenges. She completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology at Oregon State University in 2016 and her BS in Biological Sciences at Clemson University in 2012. Her Ph.D. research assessed the human health effects of fossil fuels on air, water, sediment, and shellfish. In addition to her technical experience, Dr. Paulik is passionate about science communication and enjoys communicating about technical topics with diverse audiences. She completed a Science Communication Fellowship with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in 2015, is a steering committee member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Science and Risk Communication Interest Group, and is leading the development of a Science and Risk Communication group at Integral. She is committed to combating systemic inequalities by improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in her field. She is a member of Integral’s DEI Committee and the Vice-Chair of the SETAC Inclusive Diversity Committee.

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