Am I eligible to join GWIS?

You are eligible if you fit one of the following categories:

    • Bachelor’s degree holder who is currently conducting scientific research.
    • Bachelor’s degree holder who has experience with scientific research.
    • All K-12 instructors.
    • Undergraduates studying a scientific discipline.

How do I join GWIS Madison?

Joining is as simple as completing an online registration form.

What does it cost to join GWIS Madison?

Annual dues vary based on who you are. Effective March 9, 2017, prices are as follows:

    • Professional members: $85
    • Graduate students: $40
    • Early career: $65
    • Undergraduate/K-12 members: $15

Payment can be made online. Note that the dues structure has just changed, so if you look up dues on, they will appear different than listed here – however, the actual amount charged to you is what’s listed above.

How do I renew my membership?

If you are a current GWIS member, you should have received an email with login information (username and password) for the members-only section of Log in and follow the instructions to renew your membership, which can be paid online or by invoice.

Where do my dues go?

Most of what you pay as dues go to the national GWIS organization, which provides funding to help support their fellowship, pay speaking fees for conference presenters and cover administrative costs.

The rest of the dues provide the Madison chapter with funds that can support the chapter’s activities, such as buying food and supplies for chapter events or giving back in the form of scholarships.

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