The chapter strives to plan events that offer opportunities to network with peers, potential scientific collaborators, and potential mentors.

Networking Hours are opportunities for graduate students and professionals to chat, get to know one another, and share advice in a casual setting. Madison Chapter will invite women in science who have expertise in a certain field to provide a starting point for the conversation.

For 2018-2019, upcoming networking hours and further details will be coming soon!

Past networking hour topics have included:

  • Patent law and scientific outreach with Laura Heisler of WARF
  • Making the move to industry with Elizabeth Donley of Stemina Biomarker Discovery
  • Ruth Dickie writing workshop (with Will Broadway of the UW writing center)
  • Science and entrepreneurship with Becky Splitt (of StudyBlue)
  • Teaching and academic careers with Louise Stracener (of Edgewood College)
  • Alternative careers in science with Eileen Callahan (of the Graduate School Professional Development office)
  • What to expect from graduate school

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