Each summer, one SDE-GWIS chapter hosts a national conference, drawing members from all over the country to present research, network, and talk about issues faced by women scientists.

The 2017 National Conference, “The 21st Century Scientist: Skills for Success,” will be held June 15-17 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Registration for this conference opens March 1, 2017, and more information about the conference will be available soon!

Previous national conferences:

2016: “Educating Scientists for Effective Science Outreach” at Raleigh, NC, featuring Dr. Holly Meninger, Director of Public Science for North Carolina State University

2015: “Beyond the Bench” at The Pennsylvania State University, featuring Brendan Muller, Director of Science at the Wrinkled Brain Project and astronomy outreach specialist

2014: “Building Bridges: Practicing Science in the Modern Era” at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, featuring Jorge Cham, creator of PhD Comics